Aims and Objectives
Gdańska Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa (Autonomic Primary School of Gdańsk) founded by Gdańska Fundacja Oświatowa (Gdansk Educational Foundation) has been operating since September 1, 2000. Together with Gdańskie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum (Autonomic Middle School of Gdańsk), since 1999, and Gdańskie Liceum Autonomiczne (Autonomic High School of Gdańsk), since 1989, is a part of school group Gdańskie Szkoły Autonomiczne (Autonomic Schools of Gdańsk). The popularity of the school is growing, witness to rise in number of the new recruits.  In the school year 2009-2010 we had 11 classes in the 0-3rd form and 7 classes in the 4-7th form. Our school is located in the quiet place in Gdańsk city centre.  The children learn in the renovated building with a gym and classrooms designed for early school education.  The pupils have access to computer room, library, reading room and astronomical observatory. On October 10, 2003 our school received an official title “School with quality” and on June 22, 2007 was certified as a “School without violence”. In the school year 2009-2010 we won 1st place in the ranking of primary schools released by “Gazeta Wyborcza”.
The aim of our school is to effectively teach and raise kids in the atmosphere of understanding, tolerance and mutual respect. In our approach to skill development we take care not only of the talented pupils, but also those with dysfunctionalities, who are offered therapeutic, logopaedic and psychological support provided by Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna “Osiek” (Psychological-pedagogical counselling service “Osiek”).      

Gdańska Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa in a nutshell:
• you can continue your education in Gdańskie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum and Gdańskie Liceum Autonomiczne
• maximum 18 pupils in the class
• bilingual classes with elements of English starting in 0 form
• in the 4th form starting to learn a second foreign language – you can choose between German and Spanish
• logopaedic and pedagogical therapies for children with speech defects, dysorthography and dyslexia  
• corrective exercises, swimming pool, rhythm classes
• attractive and various offer of additional classes like foreign language, math, music, visual arts, sport and computing   
• residential educational school trips, tours, going out to cinema, theatres and visiting museums
• summer and winter tours during school breaks
• day care room opened till 5 pm  
• lunch (choice of 2 courses)
• control system of access to school enhancing security of pupils.

Didactic objectives
In Gdańska Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa we follow school-specific  educational objectives called “Klocki Autonomiczne” developed by teachers from schools run by Gdańska Fundacja Oświatowa. This programme has been evolved based on the basic programme, obligatory in public elementary schools and it was approved to school use by Minister of National Education, by Regulation of 15 February 1999. The programme is continually updated according to changes in education law. “Klocki Autonomiczne” is currently being amended due to the new programme base included in the Regulation of Ministry of National Education of 23 December 2008.         

Teachers employed in the elementary school are hired through a competitive process, which ensures highly qualified staff. They continually improve their qualifications and skills by participation in competitions and workshops, which help them to vary and enhance their teaching and educational methods. Among our staff members are the acknowledged authors of educational books, published by Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe, Nowa Era, Edukacja Polska and Pearson Education. Our teachers are also co-authors of a quarterly magazine “Klocki Autonomiczne”.     

Basic educational principles
Elementary school is an essential part of education as just at this stage children develop their perception, observation as well as attention and concentration skills. Therefore it is crucial to competently direct children’s insights, organize their attention, give them the incentive to develop new interests and cognitive abilities. Our focus is not only to convey the subject knowledge but also to create in children a sense of responsibility, ability to work in a team as well as being open and creative.  To achieve this goal we follow educational  programme for Autonomic Schools “The Closest Surroundings – Fatherland – The World” and school preventive programme “Understand Myself – Understand the Others – Understand the World”.  The pupils learn the principles of democracy through Pupil Council and they get themselves acquainted with the ideas of charity through a number of yearly charity events like collecting money for Children’s Hospice, donating to Department of Child Oncology through sale of Christmas cards, Adopcja Serca (Heart Adoption), Pola Nadziei  (Fields of Hope), Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Parcel), Góra Grosza (Penny Mountain). This way children can learn to feel empathy and broaden their horizons. They actively participate in life of their school and class through arrangement of yearly events like St. Andrew’s Day, Christmas Eve, Secret Santa etc.     
In our educational work pupils, teachers and parents are given support by employees from Psychological-pedagogical counselling service “Osiek”. Each class is assisted by a psychologist, who supports both children and a teacher. The employees from this counselling service provide also pedagogic and speech therapy.         

The basic educational foundations for our daily work are:
- to deliver to pupils solid elementary knowledge (see the exam results  for 6th form, excellent teaching results of different classes confirmed by the average results achieved by the pupils at the end of the school year)
- focus on identification and development of pupils’ capacities and interests
- bilingual teaching (in forms 0-3 pupils improve their language skills during early school classes , and continue it in forms 4-6 during subjects like science, music, visual arts and physical education
- intensive teaching of two foreign languages, there are 4 English classes  in forms 0-6 (in forms 4-6 there is a division into 3 level groups), one conversation class in the group of 9 pupils, there are 2 German or Spanish classes in form 4 and 3 German or Spanish classes in forms 5 and 6. Pupils who have achieved satisfactory results may continue education in Gdańskie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum.

Sport and arts activities
We set great value on development of arts skills among our pupils through a variety of additional music, visual arts and rhythm classes. The school takes also care of proper conditions for pupils’ physical development. Apart from physical education, corrective exercises for younger pupils and swimming, children take part in diverse additional sport activities like judo, table tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, football, handball and ice skating.   

Evaluation system
In forms 0-3 there is a descriptive evaluation system. The progress of pupils from older forms is usually assessed by point system with an exception of some subjects, which are assessed according to the traditional system of marks.  Every year pupils from all classes sit exams in Polish, Maths and English (starting from 3rd form).  Those exams are called “Akcje sprawdzające” (evaluation events) and are used to evaluate the quality of school and diagnose pupils’ weak and strong points. Our internal exam is at the same time a substantive and an emotional test for our pupils before sitting the external exam.

Teacher’s Electronic Register
In September 2008 our school launched teacher’s electronic register, which makes it possible for parents to be kept updated with their child’s progress and behaviour at school.

Access Control System
Since January 2010 there is an access control system in our school. The system is to enhance security of our pupils by limiting the access to school by third parties. To enter the school a magnetic card is needed. This card has been issued to parents and pupils. Visits by persons without this card are controlled and notified.

Nurse’s Office
The Nurse’s Office is open every school day from 8.00 to 15.30.
Nurse: Renata Krzyżanowska
room no 5, ground floor
telephone number – 58 320 37 76  extension 45  

About the Library
The Library of Gdańskie Szkoły Autonomiczne is located in a modern building connecting Ggańska Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa with Gdańskie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum and Gdańskie Liceum Autonomiczne. Today there are about 15 000 books in its collections. The Library also offers other resources: newspapers, magazines, CDs, DVDs and other teaching materials. Our students, parents and teachers can use the reading room equipped with 10 multimedia computers (the Internet), a scanner and a photocopier. Through the entire school year the librarians organize exhibitions, contests and special lectures connected with various cultural events.

The Library is open every school day from 7.30 to 15.30.

Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna “Osiek” (Pedagogical-Psychological Councelling “Osiek”)
The Counselling 'Osiek' was founded in 2003 by Gdańska Fundacja Oświatowa to offer comprehensive help in child diagnostics and therapy, as well as advisory services to parents and teachers.

    diagnosing the abilities, possibilities and developmental disorders,
    developmental disorder therapy and undesirable behaviour therapy (e.g. speech, psychological and pedagogical therapy),
    prevention of addictions and other problems of children and young people,
    career guidance (helping students to decide about their future education, jobs and careers),
    supporting of educational function of the family and school.

Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna “Osiek” provides:
    diagnosis,
    consultations,
    therapy,
    psycho-education,
    advising,
    mediations,
    intervention in a child's school environment,
    prevention,
    special information.

PPP “Osiek” differs from other psycho-pedagogical centres because it offers help and intervention directly in a child's school environment. Our staff is highly qualified and constantly improves the techniques.

If student has some developmental disorders or specific learning difficulties PPP “Osiek” is authorised to write a formal opinion about the student's special or individual needs during internal or external examinations.

PPP “Osiek" is under the supervision of Pomorski Kurator Oświaty and Ministry of Education.

The services are free for GFO students, parents and teachers.

About the Observatory

In 2009 Gdańska Fundacja Oświatowa founded our new astronomical observatory. The Observatory is equipped with a modern telescope TEC 160 ED produced in the USA by Telescope Engineering Company. This telescope is an apochromat refractor with the diameter of lens (aperture)- 160 mm and the focal length - 1280 mm. The telescope is equipped with a special guiding device called New Atlux and produced by a Japanese company Vixen. This device lets the telescope automatically follow the movement of stars. There is also a camera to take photos of the observed part of the sky. Soon the Observatory will be equipped with a solar telescope connected with the main TEC 160 ED.
In August 2009 the Observatory was named after Professor Robert Głębocki – a great Polish astrophysicist and astronomer.


Gdańska Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa
Osiek 11/12
Gdańsk 80-842