Kolejny finał konkursu wojewódzkiego The Bookers już za nami. Jest nam niezmiernie miło przedstawić wyniki.
I miejsce Barbara z STO III
II miejsce - ex aequo
1. Aleksandra ze Szkoły Podstawowej im. Henryka Sienkiewicza w Sadlinkach
2. Dorota że Szkoły Podstawowej nr 12 w Gdyni
3. Julia że Szkoły Podstawowej nr 47 w Gdańsku
III miejsce Gaia ze Szkoły Podstawowej nr 79 w Gdańsku
Gratulujemy laureatom oraz pozostałym uczestnikom.
Mamy nadzieję, że "widzimy się" za rok.

Organizatorzy konkursu
Iwona Balicka i Ewelina Prusisz

Etap międzyszkolny już za nami. Lena Gościniak i Jakub Grubicki z klas 6 przechodzą do finału.
Kolejna lektura do przeczytania to King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

Ewelina Prusisz (27.03.2021)

Uczniowie klas szóstych  i ich najmilsze wspomnienia oraz najlepsze osiągnięcia napisane oczywiście w języku angielskim.
My Personal Best.

My Personal Best
2 years ago my cousin visited us. He had Rubik's cube which I wanted to solve.
I asked him to teach me how to solve it. He showed me basic moves and how they look. He stayed with us for 2 days. I've learned 4 algorithms which help me solve them. When he left, in the evening I did that ! I solved Rubik's cube. I've been cubing. I really enjoy it and it is my really big achievement.  

My Personal Best
In November 3 years ago I came  home from school and I saw a dog in our kitchen.He was white and brown and he had long ears and a cute little black nose. At first I was a little bit scared but when I watched my sister playing with him so I thought that maybe he isn't as scary as I thought. A couple of weeks later I wasn't scared at all. It was my personal best because after those couple of weeks I stopped being scared of dogs and now they are my favourite animals.  

My personal best
I've been doing mountain bike cycling since I was 4 or 5 years old. I was practicing in a cycling club - Belta Team. Almost every week I had a cycling competition.
I had a friend in Belta Team - Tosia. She was very good at cycling ! She was always winning with me.
But, there was one competition, that I was better than her. I was strong enough to overtake her on a steep uphill. It was my best competition ever ! I won the whole competition and won a 1st prize. I love that feeling of winning !
I haven't seen Tosia for a long time now but I believe she is still very good at cycling.

My personal best!
When I was on holidays in Dominicana, there was an aquapark in the hotel. I really liked it!
Me and my dad were swimming at the swimming pool and we were sliding on the very high slide! It was very fast and I was scared. At the end I was very happy and I slided one more time! After that   
I was riding a fast go-cart and it was very interesting. Someone ran into me and then I ran into him. It was one of the best days in my life! I will remember it for many years.  

My personal best
I don't remember my best moment, but I'll tell you about one of my better ones. It happened about a month ago, on Tuesday afternoon. When I finished my lessons, I went to my brother's house and played games with him. I ate pizza, got ice cream and made popcorn. Unfortunately my mom didn't let me stay at his house for a sleepover, and brought me back home at 10pm. After all, I enjoyed the day.   

my personal best
This summer I had a very nice day. I woke up at 9AM. I ate breakfast and I went with my parents to meet friends. Later on, we went to the McDonald’s and had lunch. We finished the meeting and came back home. I watched anime movies until night. When I fell asleep I had an amazing dream. I was sitting on the top of a very big fish, and the sea was like a jelly. I jumped off the fish into the jelly. It was a really incredible feeling... Suddenly I woke up and saw a box full of jellies on the carpet.   

My personal best
My best day was when I got my hamster. I always wanted it , but my mom was afraid that our cat would eat him. When we were in the mountains my parents finally agreed , because I didn't complain a lot. We came back from holiday and the next day I bought the hamster and all the staff for him. I was extremely happy and excited. I couldn't decide how to name him , but I chose ,,Chrupcio''. When Julka visited me we built a playground for him. I really love Chrupcio.  


Ewelina Prusisz (08.12.2020)